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Small, agile and powerful...


Most favourite family dogs by people worldwide - Invictus Bostons!
Boston Terrier, Invictus Boston, Invictus Boston Terrier, Best Boston Terrier, Boston Terrier puppy, Boston Terrier puppies, Boston Terrier Europe, Boston Terrier USA, Boston Terrier of America
About the Boston Terrier
     Boston Terriers are compact, short-tailed, well-balanced little dogs weighing no more than 11.5 kg ( 25 pounds ). The stylish “tuxedo” coat can be white and either black, brindle, or seal (black with a red cast when viewed in sun or bright light).
     The head is square, the muzzle is short, and the large, round eyes can shine with kindness, curiosity, or mischief. Ever alert to their surroundings, Bostons move with a jaunty, rhythmic step. It’s a safe bet that a breed named for a city: the Havanese or Brussels Griffon, for instance:will make an excellent urban pet.
     Bostons are no exception: they are sturdy but portable, people-oriented, and always up for a brisk walk to the park or outdoor cafe.
     A bright dog with a natural gift for comedy, the dapper Bostonian is a steady source of smiles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Boston Terrier right dog for me?

If you want small, agile, health, smart, tolerant and family dog who loves children, then Boston Terrier is perfect dog for you!

I read there are 3 types of Bostons, how i know which size is perfect for myself?

Yes, there are 3 types of Bostons and classified by weight category, it doesnt change anything about temperament but its by your wish how you want to have your dog small, medium or big, we prefer small and medium size of dogs as they are more cute and more agile, with less weight than big ones, they are really amazing agile dogs and make every day happier than it is.

What's lifespan of Boston Terrier?

In general the average lifespan of dog is 10-15 years.
All our Invictus Bostons are health tested and we use in our breeding program only health dogs, we do many health tests and no one affected dog will be not in our bloodline.
It means that lifespan of our dogs are longer, without often visits to the veterinary and spending a lot of money.

How to survive my very first night with puppy?

As you will be very excited with your new family member, you will let your puppy full attention when it arrives to the your family. But during the night, try to make it as comfortable as possible. With its favorite toy and soft blanket, your puppy will enjoys with puppy's dreams as long as you do safe and strong dream. If you hear something like strange voice, it may be a dream or squeak, but try to ignore it. Most of the time they adjust very quickly.

My Boston puppy is housebroken, what to do?

Its normaly that puppies urinate every time they wake up and have relief after every meal/feeding, but its normal for all puppies all breeds. Invcitus Boston puppies before leave the kennel and come to the new owners and families, we teach them basic things about toilet things, so it can gets handled very easy with diaper as they are adapted to it. Make sure your puppy can does it needs in the place provided to this purpose. Praise your puppy with good result and, dont punish for an accident.
As Boston Terrier is smart dog, very quickly will learn to go outside for this things without housebraking.

Can my dog remain alone at home?

Apsolutely yes, but obviously not all day 24 hours, it will adjust itself to the situation and sleep as much as possible, but when you are back home, allow your dog to spend "sweet dreams" energy with you.

Boston Terrier sometimes makes strange noises?

Its apsolutely normal, specially during sleep they may snore, and it may be so funny, but also they can make strange noises when they playing, the reason of it is because of short square head and short muzzle, but its one of the reason Bostons are most favorite dogs worldwide. It looks that they just want to tell you something but they can not; I am sure after your very first Boston puppy you will understand and you will like it. Its phenomenon and fact how they are smart, not like other breeds.

Can I take my dog outside unleashed?

Of course, they are very loyal to the owner and family and to the first calling, your Boston will gets back to you in shortest time.

Does Boston Terrier can live along with the cats?

Guess it! Yes, it does! As dogs this breed have no real hunting insticts, dog can lives along with the cats. Even better if you already have cats, your puppy will adapt to them very quickly and take them as part of the family.

Does Boston Terriers drools?

No, fortunately they do not.

Can I trust a dog with small children?

As we already have said, they are perfect family dogs, very loyal to the family. Specially when puppy is raised with child, its very hard connection between them. Your puppy will become "older brother or sister" to your child and protect it from everything.
But you should not let your child to make bad things to the puppy, its the worst can happens, but you can make a forever friendship between them.

Can I do trainings with my dog?

Yes you can do, as we said before, Boston Terrier is very agile and inteligent dog, it will likes spending time during trainings, even a lot of people use Bostons for dog sports as agility is, where both obedience and speed are needed.

If your question is not listed, feel free to contact us please.